There is no other sport that allows you to mix pleasure and business so effectively.

There is also no other sport that allows people of different abilities to play together and have fun. Spending 4 hours with your partners with the ups and downs of a normal game can also be very revealing!

For these reasons we have decided to introduce an original and innovative Partnership proposition for the 2018 Challenge.
We would like to offer you the opportunity to be one of our annual Sponsors and benefit from a global visibility over the entire
year but are also able to choose one date where the competition is your own, allowing for complete personalisation

Partner Package
BetterGolf Challenge

- Visibility on Website
- Visibility on Competition Rollup
- Media
- Score cards
- 1 Invitation to the National Final and Dinner


Your Competition

- Your choice of event and date
- 10 greenfees included (supplementary greenfees possible)
- Your unique name associated to the competition
- Your own bannering etc
- Full personalisation
- Your own Prize giving and photos*

* Prizes must be offered at your own event but there are no obligations over the choice of prizes.
Price - 1500€ (excl vat) invoiced as Sponsoring

Not included:

- Supplementary greenfees
- Printing costs and publicity for your company bannering
- Prizes for your own competition, drinks, cocktail, sandwiches or other catering needs if necessary

For extra information please contact:

Andrew Watson 0479/260.174 or by mail - Francois Deroubaix 0495/715.034 or by mail